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Aviation Employment and Aviation Jobs with Reliance Aerotech Services, the aviation contract jobs choice for aircraft maintenance jobs seekers

Reliance Aerotech Services offers excellent contract and direct aircraft maintenance jobs and aerospace manufacturing jobs for experienced and licensed aviation maintenance, repair and manufacturing professionals.

As the aviation staffing industry specialist, we are the leader when it comes to placing aircraft maintenance professionals into the specialized aviation maintenance jobs – avionics jobs, aircraft sheet metal jobs, aerospace manufacturing jobs and helicopter mechanic jobs.  And as the specialist, we offer the best aviation maintenance jobs you’ll find in the industry.

8 reasons to find your next aviation maintenance job with
Reliance Aerotech Services

  1. We are aviation industry specialists – we’re not a division of a staffing firm, but part of a dedicated aviation company so you deal with people who have the aviation experience and expertise necessary to help you find the right job without any hassles.
  2. We provide “real” benefits – we know that we can earn the loyalty of the best aviation maintenance professionals by offering real benefits that help protect you, your family and your loved ones. We offer the aviation staffing industry’s leading benefits program including:
    • Medical Insurance Program with prescription drug and vision discounts and wellness care coverage.
    • Flexible Vacation Pay Program that allows you to bank pay/days.
    • 401k Retirement Savings Program that matches your contributions up to 6 percent.
    • Employee Assistance Program to help employees and their families should they encounter problems.
  3. We deliver higher pay – paying people what they are truly worth is an important element in attracting the highest quality aviation employees. We have earned a reputation for offering the best wages for aviation contract jobs and will never take a contract if we can't provide higher pay to attract the best people.
  4. We pay on time – Reliance Aerotech is a well-capitalized company and barring acts of God (once a FedEx plane crashed with our payroll onboard), we always pay on time. We provide employees with a direct paycheck deposit service.
  5. We provide written job offers – when we make you an offer of aviation employment it is made in writing to ensure you understand all relevant issues. You will never arrive at an aircraft maintenance or manufacturing facility to find that you are earning less salary than what you agreed to when you took the job.
  6. We properly classify and compensate our employees –As we’ve seen in recent court cases involving some large aviation staffing companies, they improperly classify their employees to save a few dollars which can result in you losing your worker’s compensation benefits should a workplace accident occur.  Further, many aviation contractors receive unwanted income tax surprises when the staffing firm they choose to work for improperly shelters wages or uses improper per diem practices for their financial gain. As the aviation industry specialist, Reliance understands the law when it comes to working aviation contracts and you’ll never have to worry about worker’s compensation or a surprise income tax burden.
  7. We offer non-standard assignments –in addition to typical aircraft maintenance jobs, Reliance attracts exciting aviation programs in exotic locals worldwide. From supplying aircraft mechanics to lead training programs in Russia, Japan and Germany to placing helicopter mechanics onboard a NOAA vessel off the coast of South America and supporting an aircraft maintenance program for NASA, we continually seek out interesting aviation maintenance contracts around the globe. If travel and adventure interest you, Reliance always has a diversity of aviation maintenance contracts that the "body shops" can't match.
  8. We offer career advancement – as our company grows, we look to the ranks of our aircraft mechanics to fill new management positions. What this means to you is that it is possible over time and through exemplary performance to move up in Reliance Aerotech to a supervisory or management position.

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With more than a decade of aviation maintenance staffing experience, we understand our role in keeping our valued employees satisfied. We believe you will find us much different than the "body shops". By treating you with respect, we want you to stay with us over the long-term, refer other highly qualified employees and perform well for our customers.

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