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Reliance Aerotech Services is committed to creating a path of professionalism for the aviation contract maintenance industry.  From annual aviation maintenance surveys of aviation maintenance and HR managers and contract maintenance professionals to presentations at leading aircraft maintenance conferences, Reliance is a thought leader in the field of aviation contract maintenance.

Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Conference for the Americas October 24, 2007
Assessing Risk in Contract Maintenance Labor
Review highlights from Reliance Aerotech Services’ 5th annual aviation maintenance survey assessing the importance of contract maintenance workers in the aviation supply chain, the level of risk assessment performed by maintenance organizations for their outsourced aviation staffing programs and find out how you can put best practices to work for your maintenance organization to mitigate risk with outsourced contract maintenance labor.
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Managing Aircraft Maintenance Costs Conference March 8, 2006
Winning Strategies for Managing Contracted Workforces
Learn about the myths associated with contract maintenance workforces with data from Reliance Aerotech Services’ annual maintenance industry surveys and discover the best practices your aviation maintenance and repair organization can use to get the most out of a contracted workforce.
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US Regional Airline Conference and Regional Valuation Symposium April 28, 2003
Outsourcing Trends:  The Changing Role of Contract Maintenance Providers
Learn how aviation maintenance and HR managers view contract maintenance personnel in their maintenance organizations in Reliance Aerotech Services’ 1st annual aviation maintenance industry survey and how you can use a Total Value Assessment Program to get the best contract maintenance provider for your organization and close the gap between expectation and fulfillment.
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