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Aviation & Aviation Staffing Solutions

When it comes to aerospace & aviation staffing solutions, Reliance Aerotech Services is the leading industry specialist. Reliance understands the challenges customers face in aviation staffing and works as a bridge between maintenance and production managers and human resource professionals to create staffing solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the aviation industry.

These solutions require more that just the best people. Only a company that specializes in aviation staffing solutions can ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate supply chain management risk and increase workplace performance through proven quality assurance programs. Reliance Aerotech Services is that company.

The Total Solution for Aviation Staffing Needs

With more than a decade of aviation specific experience, Reliance Aerotech Services provides customers with a total solution to aviation staffing delivering the aviation industry’s best people by helping guide them through a five-step hiring process:

  1. We help customers define their staffing needs through our Aviation Staffing Firm Audit so organizations fully understand insurance liability, FAA compliance, quality assurance and screening requirements when using contract maintenance professionals.
  2. We source candidates from our Employment Center database of more than 5,000 aerospace professionals and extensive industry networks.
  3. We screen candidates using our proprietary screening methodology developed through extensive aviation maintenance industry surveys and key metric tracking over the past decade.
  4. We mobilize each candidate through our comprehensive start-up program so they hit-the-ground-running in your facility.
  5. We monitor performance through our key performance indicator matrix and customer feedback surveys to ensure our contract professionals deliver on your mission.

Whether it’s temporary staffing, contract-to-direct or direct hire placements, Reliance Aerotech Services has the recruiters and program managers to ensure your aviation staffing program is a success, from start to finish.

Aerospace & Aviation Staffing Expertise in Key Industry Sectors

Reliance Aerotech Services delivers specific expertise in key aerospace and aviation sectors providing our customers with the best people, programs and sector specific solutions other companies can't match. Through more than a decade of aviation industry experience we've come to understand these sectors from the inside out:

  • Commercial MRO – the Team Reliance™ Group of Companies bring a depth of understanding to the staffing challenges MRO facilities face. We specialize in the hard to place maintenance disciplines including avionics, sheet metal and type/model A&P mechanics.
  • Rotor Wing – from staffing helicopter maintenance and modification facilities to contract field and technical teams, Reliance is the leading provider of contract maintenance personnel for the Rotor Wing sector.
  • Defense – Reliance management brings extensive military experience to our aviation staffing solutions for the defense sector. We understand military aircraft and security requirements so we can find mission ready personnel.
  • Aerospace manufacturing – we began as a supplier of highly technical personnel for the aerospace manufacturing sector and bring over a decade of staffing expertise to the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector.
  • Government – from NASA to NOAA and agencies in between, Reliance has experience providing aviation staffing teams to meet the requirements of demanding government aviation programs.
  • Business aviation – we understand the model/type requirements and short time spans of business aviation and fully leverage our Employment Center to deliver highly specialized personnel in the shortest cycle time.

Proven Track Record of Aviation Staffing Solutions

Reliance Aerotech Services has extensive experience providing high value aviation contract maintenance, manufacturing, engineering and logistics personnel in 36 states and 17 countries worldwide. Using our leading online Aviation Employment Center and proprietary employee screening process, Reliance effectively sources, recruits, and mobilizes dependable aviation professionals with a comprehensive range of expertise including:

  • A&P Mechanics – Aircraft Type/Model Specific
  • Avionics Modification & Installation Specialists
  • Avionics Final Check & Line Troubleshooters
  • Avionics Bench Repair Specialists
  • Aircraft Structure Repair Specialists
  • Logistics Support Specialists
  • Aircraft Sheet Metal Fabricators
  • Aircraft Composite Fabricators
  • Wire Harness Build & Fabrication Specialists
  • Aircraft Painters (CARC included)
  • Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
  • Program Managers
  • Contract Field Team Personnel
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Platform Specific Engine Rebuild Specialists
  • Aircraft Structure Modification Specialists
  • Aviation/Aerospace Leadership and Management
  • Field Technical Representatives
  • Corporate Interior Fitters
  • Engineers and Engineering Assistants
  • Maintenance Training Specialists
  • Aircraft Weapons Loaders
  • Aviation Life support & EGRESS Specialists
  • Simulator Technicians
  • Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR)
  • Inspectors Aviation
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Flight Test Specialists

Creating a Path of Professionalism for the Aviation Staffing

As aerospace & defense staffing specialists, Reliance Aerotech Services brings a unique perspective to aviation staffing solutions.  We work to create a path of professionalism for the contract maintenance industry by regularly surveying maintenance, production and human resource professionals as well as contract maintenance professionals to gain insight into the challenges of outsourcing maintenance personnel in the major aviation industry sectors. We share this knowledge by speaking at leading aircraft maintenance conferences, contributing to aircraft maintenance, manufacturing and engineering magazines and conducting outsourcing ROI workshops with a goal of creating a path of professionalism for people who pursue their passion for aviation as a contracted professional.

Read more about our thought leadership for the aviation staffing industry.

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